This Family Jumped at the Chance to Move to Hamilton

Sue and Rich Mulley jumped at the chance six years ago to move back to Hamilton, where they serve as foster parents.

Name: Sue and Rich Mulley

Street: Whipple Road, Hamilton

Family: We have three kids; Daniel, 21 years old; Tyler, 17 years old; Elizabeth, 15 years old.

Occupation: Sue is a full time Mom/Foster Mom and teacher by trade; Rich is an IT Architect in a financial firm.

What are you passionate about? We are passionate about parenting, nature, and faith. We try to live in a way that pleases and honors our Creator.

How did your family decide to become a foster family? For years, we felt a growing conviction about finding ways to help people in our community whose basic needs were not being met. We wanted something that offered the potential for long term and deep impact on the lives of others. The tipping point for us was when a pastor visiting our church from Africa challenged us to fill all the empty beds in our house. We didn't have any, but we found a place to put one. It may sound too simple, but we felt a growing desire to help kids, so we put another one in that bed.
How has it benefited you and your family? This is a pretty basic formula: when you invest yourself in another person with positive intent, it generally changes you for the better. Foster care, like parenting, can be difficult, but the bond you form with each child brings more joy than pain. Our own kids have surprised and delighted us with their level of commitment to this cause. They have learned that with all they've been given, they can sacrifice a little and make a big difference in the life of a kid who needs a home.

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? We both grew up on the North Shore (Sue in Hamilton), moved to North Andover for 20 years after college and marriage, and moved back into town six years ago.

Why did you choose Hamilton-Wenham? Six years ago, Sue's parents moved from Hamilton to a condo in Byfield. We jumped at the chance to buy their home, move closer to our church (First Presbyterian Church, North Shore in Ipswich), allow our kids to attend Hamilton-Wenham schools, and live closer to the ocean.
What is your favorite place in Hamilton-Wenham? We love all the outdoor spaces. We like to walk at , , and – all great place to enjoy nature and walk with your dog, friends and family.

What is your favorite shop? Thirty years ago, as students at Gordon College, we enjoyed eating at on Railroad Avenue. It's fun to return to a place where it seems time has stood still - same wonderful hometown atmosphere and great food!

Where would someone see you around town? You're likely to see us in the auditorium or sitting in the bleachers at . Our kids are involved in the music program there and both run indoor and outdoor track. 

Dream vacation: Earlier this year, one of our foster kids moved into an adoptive home after two years with us. When she left, we were able to travel to Italy to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary a few years late. The Italian people, their cuisine, the countryside and the architecture there were stunning.

May is National Foster Care month. If you would like to open your home and heart to a local child in need, call 1-800-508-KIDS.


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