Nearly Three Dozen Local Riders to Take on Pan-Mass. Challenge

Next month's Pan-Massachusetts Challenge will include 35 riders from Hamilton and Wenham.

Thirty five residents from Hamilton and Wenham will be among 5,500 cyclists in this year’s 33rd annual Pan-Massachusetts Challenge on Aug. 4 and 5. The Pan-Mass Challenge is a charity bike-a-thon that raises more money than any other athletic fundraising event in the country.

The riders have a collective goal of raising $36 million to support adult and pediatric cancer research and treatment at through the Jimmy Fund.

A complete list of local riders can be found below, with the eGiftID number needed to make a gift toward their fundraising goal.

This year’s PMC riders range in age from 13 to 88 and range in skill from seasoned tri-athletes to “weekend warriors” that have having trained specifically for the PMC.

The ride runs through 46 towns across Massachusetts and participating cyclists choose from 11 routes of varying mileage designed to cater to all levels of cycling strength and time availability.

There are six two-day routes that range from 153 to 190 miles and five one-day rides that range from 25 to 110 miles.

Many riders participate in honor of a family member or friend lost to, or being treated for, cancer. More than 300 riders are cancer survivors or current patients.

The average PMC rider trains for three months, solicits 40 sponsors and raises more than $6,000. In 2012, cyclists are required to raise between $500 and $4,300 to ride in the PMC. Since 1980, the PMC has raised $338 million.

Last year, the PMC raised $35 million, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the philanthropic support of Dana-Farber.

In addition to the bikers, there are 3,000 volunteers and thousands of spectators. The riders come from a total of 36 states and eight countries

“The PMC is the gold standard of athletic fundraising events,” says Billy Starr, Pan-Massachusetts Challenge founder and executive director. “PMCers are as committed to raising money for cancer research as they are to pedaling the miles. PMC cyclists are all heart and soul.”

Name Town eGift ID David Becker Hamilton DB0195 Theresa Becker Hamilton TB0090 Hamilton DB0058 Michelle Horgan Hamilton MM0032 Thomas Kelly Hamilton TK0061 Hamilton MM0479 David Rowse Hamilton DR0154 Nancy Rowse Hamilton NR0050 Amanda Brown Hamilton AB0164 Susan Burr Hamilton SB0252 Thomas Callahan Hamilton TC0192 Robert Clark Hamilton RC0013 Rufus Clark Hamilton RC0066 Emily Clerkin Hamilton EC0141 Gretchen Easdon Hamilton GE0004 Daphene Firth Hamilton DF0176 Susan Gribbell Hamilton SG0201 Paul Lyden Hamilton PL0088 Scott Marshall Hamilton SM0286 Philip Murphy Hamilton PM0013 Mark Nicoll Hamilton MN0034 Peter Richardson Hamilton PR0003 Ed Walsh Hamilton EW0016 Mary Walsh Hamilton MW0040 Rick Blume Wenham RB0241 Tom Crawford Wenham TC0138 Amy Dolan Wenham AD0100 Alan Evans Wenham AE0023 Andrew Evans Wenham AE0056 Robert Knowles Wenham RK0056 Peter Locke Wenham PL0035 Jere Maroney Wenham MM0166 Caroline Trustey Wenham CT0080 Joseph Trustey Wenham JT0009 Ann Weeks Wenham AW0089


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