VIDEO: Racers, Spectators Share Love of Sled Dog Racing

Mushers from across New England share their love of sled dog racing with spectators at the Myopia Sled Dog races on Saturday.

Visitors and racers from across New England gathered at for the first day of competition in the on Saturday.

Spectators gathered at the starting line to watch racers as they headed out onto courses that ranged in length from four to 11 miles. The track wound through snowy woods and fields in Ipswich and Hamilton.

Katherine Marcoux, 16, and her mother Maureen traveled from Bow, N.H. for the festivities. The Marcoux family, which owns Kryska Siberians, has been breeding huskies for 30 years.

Katherine, who has been racing since she was four, said she thought she did well, but said “it was a little slow because it was a little warm.”

Maureen said her family has 16 Siberian huskies and loves the breed. 

“They’re like kids; I like the breed; They are affectionate; Their markings are just beautiful to me," she said. "They’re pretty close to the wolves.”

The Myopia sled dog races continue on Sunday at Appleton Farms off Waldingfield Road in Ipswich.


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