VIDEO: Athlete of the Week Alex Green

Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School senior Alex Green captained the soccer and indoor track teams.

Alex Green is a senior at , but the Salem native went to elementary school in Salem and middle school in Marblehead.

"I'm someone who's always been fond of change," Green said. 

A captain of the boys track team this winter and of the boys soccer team in fall, Green said he is looking at going away to college in the South.

When he's not running or watching movies, Green might be cheering on or jumping into the ocean near where he lives at the .

Hamilton-Wenham Patch had a chance to talk to Alex about sports, college and what he wants to do next.

Hamilton-Wenham Patch: The had a great run this year. How do you feel about being on that team?

Alex Green: We had a great group of guys. Of the four years I've been there, we had by far the best chemistry, which is I think . Last year we had a lot of athletes. This year we had a team.

HWP: What are your plans for college?

AG: I've gotten into UNC-Greensboro and High Point. My number one is James Madison. I'm going to major in international business. Hopefully, with that I can do something in a soccer direction - maybe make a facility of my own, to give back for what I was given.

HWP: You also ran track this winter. Why do you like running?

AG: When you run track, you want to get better. It's individual, but at the same time you have a bunch of people supporting you. My friend says you get to know someone a lot more in track because you see them at their greatest moments and their greatest defeats.

HWP: You were at the on New Year's Day for a polar plunge, is that right?

AG: I was the first one in; I'm proud about that. It's something I'll probably do every year.

HWP: Do you have any favorite movies or TV shows?

AG: I love movies. Right now I'm watching a bunch of ones that are going up for the Oscars; like "Black Swan," "The Fighter," "True Grit."

HWP: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

AG: I've got relatives over in Portugal, in the Azorean Islands. I'd love to go over there and get in touch with my heritage. 


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