Myopia 12th: The Most Difficult Hole Around

The 12th hole at Myopia Hunt Club's golf course is listed in "Golf's Toughest 100."

Hole: 12th, Valley Hole
Location: Wenham
Par: 4/5
Yards: 446 (mens); 439 (seniors), 453 (ladies)

If the 12th hole at the Myopia Hunt Club Golf Course was an opponent then it would already have landed a right hook before you even put your tee in the ground.

It’s mesmerizing and scenic 360-degree views puts the golfer in a relaxed state not ready for what is going to happen next.

And what is next is an upper cut that will knock you back a few steps.

The “Valley Hole,” as it is named, is in Chris Millard’s book, “Golf’s 100 Toughest,” which lists the most difficult holes in the world. It is certainly the most challenging on this course as its 1 handicap attests.

The length is daunting: 446 yards and a par 4 for men, 453 and a par 5 for women; the fairway is tight and winding with trees, water and fescue on both sides; and the green is small and crowned with difficulties aplenty to keep it on with your second shot.

“First of all you are struck by beauty off the tee,” said pro Bill Safrin. “But after playing the hole, you think, “Wow, that was not an easy hole.’”

“Pars are really good for a good player. There are very few birdies on that hole.”


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