JVC Team is Winner in Generals Youth Football's Opening Weekend

The Generals youth football teams opened the season on the road in Danvers this past weekend and will come home this coming weekend to host Winthrop for the home openers.

The Hamilton-Wenham Youth Football teams opened up another season of youth football this past weekend with games occurring across the program’s five levels.

The Hamilton-Wenham Youth Football League, which joined the Cape Ann Youth Football League in 1984, currently has more than 105 players involved in the program, with players participating from the second grade all the way up to the eighth grade level. The program also has more than 64 cheerleaders across three squads.

The Hamilton-Wenham league is a 100 percent volunteer organization that relies heavily on volunteers to coach and on the sponsorship of local businesses, organizations and families.

The teams all host the team opener next weekend, with all the teams playing against Winthrop on Sunday at .

“The Hamilton Wenham Youth Football Program continues to be very fortunate to be part of this community,” said Doug Smith, Co-Commissioner of the League with Co-Commissioner Jeff Fotta. “The combination of the commitment, and support of the community along with the great leadership we have had at the coaching levels have made our program a successful one over the years – measured by the play on the field, but also more importantly by the truly positive experience it provides for boys and girls in the community.  Without having such strong support from the Hamilton-Wenham community, we would certainly not be able to provide such a consistently positive experience.”

In week one four of the five Hamilton-Wenham teams lost to Danvers’ teams - many of which had dramatic size advantages over the Generals’ teams. Despite being over-matched physically in many cases, all of the Generals teams competed aggressively and with great sportsmanship, displaying several bright spots to build upon this season.

The lone win of the weekend came from the Generals JVC team - comprised of fourth and fifth graders. The Generals dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball with the outstanding two-way play by Erik Fotta, William Jones, Costas Savignano, Colby Cala, Matt Fields, Harrison Wilson, Caleb Christian and Kennan Bagerhoff.

Generals running backs Patrick Nistl (2 TDs), Aidan Nistl (2 TDs), Henry Jones (2 Point Conversion) and Clayton Booma (1 TD) all found plenty of room as they raced all over the field.

Coach David Jones complemented QB Tom Kain's poise and execution and lauded the play of first year players Thor Messer, Max Lech, and Filip Soderland as well as veteran Niekko Louissaint. 

Hamilton-Wenham Youth Football League encourages people to come out to support the teams next Sunday during the home opener games at the high school.

Schedule for Sunday, Sept. 16 vs. Winthrop

8:30 a.m.: D Team (Grades 3-4)

10 a.m.: JVC Team (Grades 5-6)

11:30 a.m.: C Team (Grade 6)

1 p.m.: B Team (Grade 7)

2:30 p.m.: A Team (Grade 8)


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