It Was Hats and Horses at Myopia's Grand Prix Event

As horses leaped impossible obstacles, women paraded hats both modest and magnificent at the Putnam Boston Equestrian Classic this past weekend in Hamilton.

Women gave sleek horses a run for their money this weekend at the .

Dawning flashy frocks and head gear both high-end and homemade, the event’s fairer sex provided plenty of distraction from the equine form. The reason - the event’s longstanding hat contest.

Although many, such as Liz Cloutman of dressed for the – not to compete for top head ornament, hats were in high abundance.

“It’s kind of a traditional thing,” explained Anne Wargo, the director of communications for the Grand Prix. “It was Don Little’s idea.”

Little is the show's founder and chairman and Master of Foxhounds at Myopia Hunt Club, which hosted the four day competitions this past weekend.

Nonetheless, Wargo provided the legs needed to get it up and running for yet another year. To drive interest, Wargo sought out StyleBoston’s Anthony Corey to judge the contest.

“Tony’s great, great to work with. He brings everyone out,” said Wargo.

Of the hats paraded before him, Corey chose Melinda Costanzo's hat as this year’s winner.

“It’s London made, a one of a kind,” said Costanzo.

“And Melinda herself is a horsewoman,” added Putnam Investments’ director of public relations Jon Goldstein, who applauded the choice.

No longer an active rider - though she rode for 20 years - Costanzo admits to missing the sport.

“Oh god yeah, all the time. I rode hunter/jumpers and taught. I miss it so much, it makes me so sad.”


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