Athlete of the Week: Flamethrower Cam Charette

Hamilton-Wenham senior Cam Charette is the Athlete of the Week.

It seems unfair that a pitcher as tall and strong as senior Cam Charette should get an extra six inches standing on the mound.

By the time Charette releases the ball, a batter has a split second to react. Quite often, it's too late and the ball is in the mitt.

Charette has dominated since the season began, striking out 10 batters in a of Lynnfield for the Generals' first win of the season. To date, Charette has a 0.00 earned run average. In his 17 innings pitched so far this season, he has 25 strikeouts and given up just six hits.

Hamilton-Wenham Patch had a chance to talk to Charette on Facebook. This is what he had to say.

Hamilton-Wenham Patch: What are you thinking about when you're staring down a batter from the mound?

Cam Charette: When I'm pitching, a lot goes through my head. But mainly, keep it low, keep the batter guessing and off balance, and throw it hard. 

HWP: Would you rather be an overpowering pitcher or one with a lot of finesse?

CC: I would rather be an overpowering pitcher like Papelbon and Aroldis Chapman because I love striking kids out.

HWP: Who's your favorite athlete?

CC: My favorite athlete is Marc Savard on the Boston Bruins.

HWP: Who is your role model?

CC: My role models are my father and my uncle Mike. 

HWP: What are your plans for next year?

CC: My plans for next year are attending and playing baseball at Bridgton Academy in Maine for a post-graduate year and after that, hopefully Div. 1 collegiate baseball.

HWP: What's been the best part of senior year?

CC: The best part about my senior year has been growing closer to everyone in my grade, since it's our last year.

HWP: What is your favorite food, type of music, or movies and TV shows?

CC: My favorite food is sushi. I listen to country and rap, ironically. I enjoy just about all TV and movies.

HWP: What advice would you give younger kids who want to become great athletes?

CC: My advice to a young athlete is no matter what roadblocks you hit, you can get through them and anything is possible.

HWP: If you had to go a day without phones, computers, TV or the Internet, what would you do?

CC: Yikes, a day without my phone and Facebook I would probably go to and shoot hoops, or homerun derby at Cheeseman Field.


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