Drinkwater and Oh Awarded Outstanding Accomplishment Certificates

The final Outstanding Accomplishment certificates of the 2011-12 school year at Miles River Middle School went to Lee Drinkwater and Sarah Oh.

Lee Drinkwater and Sarah Oh were awarded the Hamilton-Wenham Rotary Club’s Outstanding Accomplishment certificates at its weekly Friday breakfast meeting on June 8 at the .

Drinkwater received his award for Most Improved Academically and Oh was recognized for Excellence in the Fine Arts. They are both students.

Drinkwater’s teacher wrote the following: “Lee has made great strides in science. He has brought his grade up steadily each quarter through effort and persistence. I would describe Lee as conscientious, engaged in learning, and motivated to succeed. Lee is friendly, polite, and respectful in a quiet, but consistent way. He is always ready to help out in the classroom and…(is) pleasant and respectful each and every day.”

For Oh, her teacher wrote that: “I am extremely pleased with Sarah’s artistic abilities. She is a wonderful and creative artist as well as a hard-working student. I have found Sarah to be kind, helpful, compassionate, intelligent, and curious. I feel that she will become a future leader in her time at middle school.”

In addition to the certificates, pictures of Drinkwater and Oh will be put up at the Miles River Middle School. Rotary has also provided a wall plaque at the school on which their names will go along with those of past and future winners.

2011-2012 is the second school year for this program. These Outstanding Accomplishment awards from the Hamilton-Wenham Rotary Club have been given in the past for a variety of reasons cited by the Miles River Middle School teachers. They include: leadership, good citizenship, excellence in the performing arts or extracurricular activity, sportsmanship, most improved academically and academic excellence.

The Student of the Month program is a joint venture between the Hamilton-Wenham Rotary Club and the Miles River Middle School. Catherine Frost coordinates this program at the middle school and Tom Ackerman oversees it for Rotary.


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