Wenham Hiring New Finance Director, Town Accountant

Applications for both positions are due March 19.

Wenham Town Seal.
Wenham Town Seal.
The Town of Wenham is accepting applications for a Finance Director and Town Accountant.

The Finance Director's duties include the supervision of the town’s treasury, collections, and accounting functions, management of municipal finance, audit and budget coordination, and the timely production of financial statements in accordance with Massachusetts general laws Chapter 41 and applicable town by-laws.

The Town Accountant's duties include planning, organizing, and making recommendations to the Finance Director and Town Administrator on matters related to the proper administration of the finances of the Town. Responsibilities include providing finance related assistance to all Town Board and Committees and accounting of all receipts and expenditures for the Town, creating all state reports, and the timely production of finance statements in accordance with Massachusetts general laws Chapter 41 and applicable town by-laws.

Job postings and descriptions are available on the town's website. Applications for both positions are due March 19.
Michelle Bailey March 04, 2014 at 06:18 AM
The Town of Wenham needs to hire a finance director who comes to the Town Hall each day. Our department heads and volunteer boards need someone they can routinely reach. Although, this position has been posted, the Selectmen also issued a Request for Proposal to continue with the current contracted out Finance Office model.
Lucy Frederiksen March 04, 2014 at 10:07 AM
At recent meetings of the Board of Selectmen and Wenham's FINCOM, the decision was made to pursue a "dual path" of planning for staff positions and contracted services in the Finance Office, until it is determined which model is best for the town. Previous job postings have not brought in the talent Wenham wants for the salary the town is offering, which is why the town turned to contracted services. The current contracted services provider BMAG has been the only respondent to the last two or three outside bid processes.


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