Weaver Pond Ice Unsafe, Town Officials Declare

The ice on Weaver Pond is down to three inches, according to Hamilton town officials.

Hamilton town officials issued a warning on Tuesday afternoon that the ice on Weaver Pond at Patton Park is unsafe.

Town Manager Michael Lombardo said that four inches of ice is needed for people to safely be in the ice at the pond. On Tuesday, the ice was down to three inches of ice, he said.

"The ice will continue to thin out this week with the warm weather that is expected," Lombardo said.

Lombardo said everyone should stay off the ice "until the all clear is sounded."

There has been at least one incident involving thin ice in the two towns in recent weeks. A week ago, a Golden Retriever fell through the ice on the Grand Wenham Canal. The dog got out quickly and was OK. That was before some of the teen and single digits temperatures last week, but temperatures on Sunday got well into the 40s. The temperature in Hamilton on Tuesday afternoon was up to 42 degrees.


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