T Will Not Run Trains on Sunday, Warn to Stay Off Tracks

Anyone headed to the Boston Celtics game on Sunday will not be able to take a train straight to the TD Garden since commuter rail trains will not run on Sunday.

Commuter rail service will not resume on Sunday as the MBTA continues to clear the tracks after the weekend blizzard and get equipment ready to hopefully get going again for the Monday morning commute.

It means that anyone planning to head to the TD Garden on Sunday from Hamilton-Wenham station for the Boston Celtics game will have to drive or find another way to get there.

Subway service and other modes of MBTA service will also not operate on Sunday.

The MBTA says the train tracks through Hamilton and Wenham should not be used for cross-country skiing, showshoeing or walking since there is equipment on the tracks clearing snow and it is considered trespassing.

In an alert issued on Sunday morning, the T said that "service will resume as soon as possible."


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