Students Act Like Giraffes to Combat Bullying

The Olweus anti-bullying program is underway in the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District, encouraging students to stick out their necks to fight bullying.

The new Olweus Bullying Prevention Program being used in the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District got going last week at Winthrop Elementary School, where a giraffe is being used as a symbol in the program.

The giraffe has been adopted to symbolize “sticking your neck out” to help stop unkind behavior, the school said in an announcement.

Principal Christopher Health reviewed the four anti-bullying rules and talked to the students about the importance of sticking up for each other if they witness unkind or bullying behavior at a recent school assembly.

"The students were very engaged in the assembly especially when our VIP Giraffe visited and took a picture with each of the classes," said Jan Lee, a teacher at the school.

“Stick your neck out” posters have been hung around the towns of Hamilton and Wenham to reinforce the message - so be on the look out.

Kicks off events have also held at Buker and Cutler elementary schools and the Miles River Middle School and Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School will be doing it in the coming week.


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