Selectmen Have Free Lunch Riding on Super Bowl Result

The chairmen of the boards of selectmen in Hamilton and Wenham have a friendly bet with their counterpart in Bourne - a former Wenham resident and selectman himself - that will award a free lunch based on the outcome of Saturday's Super Bowl game.

There’s a free lunch on the line at between and Bourne High School.

The chairmen of the Boards of Selectmen for each school have bet that their team will win. The loser will pay for lunch for the winner.

Wenham Town Administrator Jeff Chelgren, who contacted Bourne Board of Selectmen Chairman Don Pickard , organized the friendly bet. As it turns out, Pickard is no stranger to Chelgren or Wenham – he served as a Wenham Selectmen from 2003 to 2006.

“The idea came from up your way,” Pickard said in a cell phone interview on Friday afternoon.

Since there are five Bourne Selectmen and a combined eight selectmen in Hamilton and Wenham, the bet was made between the chairmen to make it fairer.

“If he loses, he is buying me and (Wenham Board of Selectmen Chairman) Molly (Martins) lunch,” said Jennifer Scuteri, chairman of the Hamilton Board of Selectmen. “I think Don was worried he would be taking eight selectmen out to lunch."

Pickard lived in Wenham for 20 years and moved to Bourne in 2006 to live closer to his daughter, who lives there. Pickard, who plans to attend the Super Bowl game, said he is looking forward to seeing many old friends.

At Bourne Town Hall, the big question this week was whom Pickard would cheer. Pickard said no question – Bourne.

“I’ve been here six years and I will be rooting for Bourne,” he said.

When asked where he would take Martins and Scuteri if he lost, he joked . If he wins, he said jokingly he wants to go to Morton’s Steakhouse in the Seaport district of Boston.

“I will be glad to take them anywhere they like, although I do not contemplate losing,” Pickard said, more serious this time.

For her part, Scuteri said she and Martins would take Pickard wherever he wanted to go.

“I am very confident in the Generals,” she said.


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