No Further Mosquito Spraying Planned in Wenham, For Now

The area around the Iron Rail property in Wenham were sprayed on Tuesday night and no further spraying is planned unless further tests come back showing that mosquitoes are carrying West Nile virus.

The Iron Rail property in Wenham was successfully sprayed for mosquitoes on Tuesday night after was found there last Friday.

“That’s all that is going to be done right now,” said Jack Card, director of Northeast Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District, which performed the spraying at the direction of the Wenham Board of Health.

The spraying truck spent about 30-45 minutes at dusk in Wenham administering a ”barrier treatment” around the , and and garage off Grapevine and Rubbly roads, Card said.

If further mosquitoes are found in Wenham with West Nile virus, Card said he might recommend to the Wenham Board of Health that it consider townwide spraying. Further test results are expected to come back on Friday.

“With this, we were just trying to do a quick strike on that area,” Card said.

Northeast Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District, a state agency that gets annual payments from the town of Wenham, owns the truck that did the spraying. The spraying was done at no additional cost to the town government.

Card said it is OK for humans to use the field or be in the area within minutes of the spraying, once the spray has dissipated.

The spraying is not guaranteed to eliminate mosquitoes carrying West Nile disease.

“It’s out there and people need to realize that,” Card said about West Nile disease. “All we try to do is minimize the risk as much as we can.”


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