Next Step for Wenham War Memorial: Verifying Veteran Names

The Wenham War Memorial Committee is seeking to verify lists of veterans from four wars or conflicts that will go on the new war memorial in the center on Wenham.

The Wenham War Memorial Committee is looking for the community’s help in verifying the names of veterans to be inscribed on the memorial, which will be erected at the corner of Main and Arbor streets.

The release of the veterans lists . Wenham Town Meeting voters and later, , in two seperate votes last year. A construction date has yet to be announced.

The Committee wants local residents to review a list it has compiled, and correct names believed to be in error and suggest names that should be added.

“Many sources have been used to develop the current list of World War 2 veterans; however, its review by family members and friends would be very helpful in making the list complete and accurate,” Committee Chairman Peter Hersee said in a written statement that accompanied the release of the names.

In addition to World War 2, the Committee will be adding the names of veterans from World War I, and the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. There are more than 400 names on the list.

“In his 1879 oration at the Civil War Monument, in the center of Wenham, Rev. Isaac F. Porter said, ‘Tenderly we remember them and honor them, not simply because of the service they helped render for us and for mankind, but because of what it cost them.’ It is imperative that all the names of veterans be upon this new monument, for these very same reasons,” Hersee said.

The list, which is in alphabetical order, is available on the town of Wenham website and here on Hamilton-Wenham Patch plus at the Town Clerk’s office at Wenham Town Hall.

There are two criteria to determine eligibility for inclusion:

1. Honorable service during the periods of war, including World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and

2. Veteran who lived in Wenham at the time of enlistment or when drafted.

The Committee invites anyone to review the list and make sure that the names and spellings are correct.

The committee is also inviting requests that other possibly eligible veterans be suggested for addition.

Please direct any information, questions or comments to the

Wenham Town Clerk at , 138 Main St., Wenham, MA 01984 or by email to treid@wenhamma.gov.


Abbott, Frank S.

Alden, Glen F.

Armstrong, James D.

Aulson, Philip George Ii

Batchelder, Frederick C. Jr

Birkemose, Robert H.

Blanchard, Bruce D.

Brewer, Jeffrey O.

Brotherton, Richard P.

Brown, Robert B. Jr

Burr, John

Butler, Peter T.

Byrnes, Peter M.

Cheeseman, Alan B.

Clemenzi, Richard J.

Clarke, Michael R.

Collins, William J. Jr.

Dalrymple, William C.

Damato, Richard E.

Davis, Donald

Davis, Richard C.

Dodge, Albert W. Jr.

Durkee, Steven L.

Eldridge, Robert

Eldridge, Richard

Eveleth, James C.

Fiory, Nicholas Jr

Glass, Kenneth F.

Herrick, John R.

Herrick, Robert D.

Hersey, Dana

Hoggard, John H.

Hoggard, Stephen H.

Hopkins, Stevan C.

Howard, Stedman

Jaquith, David F.

Kavanagh, Lawrence E.

Kavanagh, William J.

Lake, Stephen W.

Landers, Joseph A.

Landers, Robert E.

Learoyd, John J.

Lithgow, Robert G.

Luxton, Donald F.

Luxton, Thomas S.

Maciver, Daniel M.

Mackinnon, Ronald H.

Mackinnon, Russell A.

Mallon, Douglas A.

Martel, Thomas W.

Mavrakos, Anthony T.

Mills, Dean C.

Mills, Gerald R.

Moffett, David L.

Moser, Robert M.

Mulry, Paul C.

Newport, Richard W.

Newton, Richard R.

Oro, Raymond K.

Pasquarelli, Richard T.

Pedra, John R.

Perkins, Norman L.

Rezza, Thomas A.

Roberts, Donald E.

Roy, John B.

Sauter, Ralph J. Jr

Smith, Robert A.

Spencer, Richard A.

Steen, Robert W.

Tersolo, Charles R.

Thibedeau, Philip W.

Todd, Charles D.

Trowt, Franklin D. Jr.

Walsh, Joseph M.

Walsh, Raymond M.

Ward, Alan B.

Whitney, Frank J.

Wilson, David R.


Ackerman, Roy H.

Barter, David O.

Browning, George R.

Burnett, Donald M.

Burt, Philip J.

Campbell, Dwight W.

Campbell, William B.

Crawley, Normand R. Jr.

Daniels, Richard W.

Dodge, Donald L.

Donovan, Thomas N.

Dunn, Richard E.

Emeny, Douglas J.

Erhard, John W.

Gardner, Harrison Jr.

Gates, Joseph R. Jr

Gouzie, Alistair L.

Hallett, Paul C.

Hyde, Warren A.

Jones, Robert S.

Kennard, Delano Q.

Knowlton, Laurence E.

Landers, Neil C.

Lerette, William H.

Leyendecker, Ronald N.

Luxton, David E.

Luxton, Elmer T.

Merrill, John G.

Mhoon, Cecil L.

Osgood, William B.

Patch, Robert W.

Peabody, Samuel S. Jr

Poor, Justin W. Jr

Roberts, Evan B. Jr

Robinson, Philip S.

Root, Andrew A.

Roy, John L.

Spiliotis, Peter J.

Steen, Ernest W.

Summit, Clayton

Tarr, Raymond K. Jr

Taylor, Philip I.

Thompson, Allston P. Jr.

Trask, Frank R.

Whiteman, Robert E.

Wildes, Gordon J.

Zimmerman, Alfred J.

World War 2

Armington, Alton F.

Armington, John C.

Ashworth, Bentley P.

Ashworth, Frederick L.

Ashworth, Winthrop F.

Ayer, Frederick Jr.

Ayer, Neil R.

Aylward, Robert A.

Bagnell, Nelson T. Jr

Bagnell, Philip A.

Banter, Kathryn L.

Barry, Thomas M.

Bartol, Arthur W. Jr.

Barton, George E.

Barton, Stuart E.

Batchelder, Austin I.

Batchelder, Warren R.

Bernard, Henry E.

Bick, John A. Jr.

Bly, Robert L.

Bodge, Virginia

Boynton, Philip E. Jr

Bradshaw, Leon A.

Briggs, Clyde D.

Brooks, Lloyd C.

Brown George P.

Brown, Robert B.

Burns, Robert C.

Burton, Gardner P.

Campbell, Alexander J.

Campbell, Arthur M.

Campbell, Austin D.

Campbell, Carl D.

Campbell, Ewen M.

Campbell, John A.

Campbell, Robert E.

Campbell, William D.

Caves, Robert S.

Chalifoux, Francis B.

Chamberland, Arleen M.

Christofferson, Jacob O.

Christofferson, Vera L.

Clark, Vern

Clarke, Leroy F. Jr

Clarke, Richard L.

Clayton, Burgess

Clement, George C.

Cogswell, David G.

Cogswell, Dean E.

Colbert, Roger E.

Cole Benjamin E. Iii

Cook, Frederick H.

Cook, Kenneth A.

Cook, Sidney R.

Coolidge, Arthur W.

Coolidge, William H.

Cormier, Emile E.

Corning, Eugene P.

Corning, Frank A. Jr

Cosh, Richard W.

Crediford, John W. Jr.

Cummings, Harold James

Cummings, Harold Judson

Cummings, James I.

Currier, Donald E.

Currier, Donald E. Jr

D'amato, George E.

Darton, John M.

Davis, Mariann

Davis, Thorton 3rd

Dearborn, Frederick M. Jr.

Dodge, Albert W.

Dodge, Carlton T.

Dodge, Dana G.

Dodge, Robert W.

Donlan, James F.

Eastwood, Norman W.

Eaton, Forrest G.

Elliott, Charles E.

Erhard, Henry E.

Erhard, John W.

Erhard, Pierre B.

Ferris, Donald R.

Foster, Horace H.

Gardner, Harrison

Gauthier, Leo G.

Germain, Eugene G.

Ginty, Daniel F.

Ginty, James B.

Ginty, John J.Jr.

Glavin, Gertrude P.

Goldsmith, Richard

Gourdeau, Jules A.

Green, Ray

Gregory, John B.

Hagar, Robert P.

Harlow, Emerson S.

Harrigan, Dennis A.

Harwood, Dean L.

Harwood, Douglas

Harwood, Kingsbury A.

Harwood, Wayne P.

Haskell, Frederick L.

Haszard, Wallace C.

Heath, Warren Elton

Hollander, Theodore C.

Homan, Lawrence E.

Inches, Charles E. Jr.

Inches, Jared C.

Jaques, Herbert Jr

Jeffrey, Harold E.

Johnstone, Hugh B.

Joiner, Donald W.

Joiner, Edgar E. Jr.

Kavanagh, James E. Jr.

Keefe, Francis N.

Keefe, Philip J.

Kemble, William T.

Kennard, William C.

Kinsella, James W.

Kinsella, John J.

Kinsella, Stephen D.

Kinsella, Vincent

Knowlton, Richard E.

Knowlton, Stuart E.

Kraczynski, Joseph A.

Kraczynski, Stephen

Landers, George A.

Landers, Robert E.

Leyendecker, John J.

Libby, Furber M.

Lindsley, Arthur

Lindsley, Sidney G.

Luxton, Chester J.

Luxton, Elmer T.

Lynch, Edward F.

Lynch, Lester H.

Macdermaid, Donald J.

Macnichol, Edward F.

Mcgee, Hubert

Mead, Donald P.

Mead, Edmund J. Jr

Merrill, Angus F. Jr.

Merrill, George W.

Merrill, John G.

Mhoon, Cecil L.

Morgan, Gardiner A.

Morgan, James H. Jr

Morson, Edith A.

Motley, Edward P.

Murphy, Cecil E.

Murry, Cornelius

Nielson, Marshall R.

Noyes, Dana J.

Noyes, George C. Jr.

Osgood, Edward H. Jr.

Page, Carl C.

Page, John E.

Parker, James 2nd

Parsons, Alfred W.

Patch, Richard J.

Peabody, Samuel S.

Pedrick, Richard C.

Pedrick, Samuel G.

Perkins, Myron H. Jr

Perkins, Porter J. Jr

Perkins, Winthrop

Perry, John H.

Pews, Frank R.

Peyton, Paul P.

Phippen, Richard D.

Preston, Albert L.

Preston, Richard

Preston, Robert E.

Prince, George

Prince, Gordon A.

Prince, Nathan D.

Prince, Sydney H. Jr.

Rice, Charles G. 2nd

Rice, Neil W.

Richard, Arthur G.

Richard, Edmond J. Jr.

Richard, Robert W.

Roberts, Lindreth T.

Robinson, David W.

Rutter, James G.

Rutter, Joseph W.

Sargent, George V.

Sargent, Thorndike K.

Sawyer, Oliver D.

Sawyer, Paul L.

Scharfenberg, C.J.

Sears, Paul A.

Sears, Walter A.

Shackelford, Philip

Smith, Robert W.

Southwick, Horace O.

Southwick, Philip W.

Starkweather, Edwin M.

Stecker, Ray J.

Steen, Everett N.

Stevens, Philip W.

Stevens, Warren

Stobbart, Florence L.

Sturges, John B.

Swift, Ernest H.

Trowt, Franklin D.

Trowt, George B.

Trowt, William A. Jr.

Vickers, Frederick A.

Webb, Allen F.

Webb, Bradford E.

Webb, Donald W.

Webb, Gordon W.

Webster, Charles K.

Webster, Frederick A. Jr.

Webster, Homer F.

Webster, Martha

Welding, Lyman A.

Wheelwright, Farley W.

Whittier, Cecil H.

Whittier, Robert P.

Wigglesworth, Edward Jr.

Wilde, David P.

Wildes, George F.

Wildes, William H.

Wilson, Walter

Winant, Peter F.

Woodason, Benjamin F.

Woodason, Frank H.

Woodason, John R.

Woodbury, Orpheus L. Jr.

Woodbury, Robert N.

T. Young, Herman

World War 1

Ackerman, James

Bagnell, William

Barnes, John W.

Barnie, David A.

Batchelder, Joseph E.

Bragdon, Henry A.

Brown, Curtland C.

Burna, Harry

Campbell, Fred D.

Campbell, Galean G.

Campbell, Leverett

Cannon, Elwyn

Cannon, John D.

Carey, Carl T.

Carveth, Harry

Conary, Samuel S.

Cook, George H.

Cullen, James

Cummings, George W.

Dodge, Albert W.

Dodge, Randolph E.

Dodge, Rodney M.

Em Slie, James D.

Flynn, Jerome F.

Gilbert,Frank A.

Glavin, William F.

Goldsmith, Fred

Haskell, Albert E.

Hilyard, Alva W.

Homan, Ernest W.

Homan, Hammond H.

Jaquith, Herbert F.

Johnson, George F.

Johnson, Samuel 2nd

Jones, Albert W.

Jones, Robert C.

Kinsella, James W.

Kinsella, John J.

Knowlton, Roger E.

Lamont, Charles E.

Landers, Arthur J.

Libey, Furber M.

Lucey, Joseph D.

Lucey, John E.

Martin, Guiseppi

Maloney, Michael

Macleod, James A.

Mckean, Henry P.

Mclean, Hugh P.

Mclean, John D.

Nelson, Frank E.

Patch, Lawrence H.

Patch, Roland H.

Pembroke, William A.

Perkins, John M.

Phillips, John C.

Preston, Lyman B.

Prince, Eugene

Prince, Frederick H. Jr.

Prince, Norman

Putman, Ralph S.

Quiney, Charles T.

Reid, Walter S.

Russell, Everett F.

Sawyer, Edgar W.

Scannell, Joseph

Stevens, Alfred C.

Smith, Douglas

Tarr, Raymond K.

Tracy, E. Hammond Jr.

Trott, Raymond E.

Welch, Frank W.

Whiting, Leonidas C.

Wilkins, Francis B.

Williams, George A.

Wilson, Jesse E.

Young, Alonzo Jr.

Young, Olin H.


Gardner McCormick April 18, 2012 at 02:57 PM
The fact that the list of veterans is limited to those who lived in Wenham at time of enlistment or draft discriminates against those who served and have lived in Wenham for a number of years but not necessarily at time of enlistment. I can only hope that those who came up with this monument design and location fails in raising the funds necessary to construct this monster.


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