More Seats for Donuts and Coffee Coming to Hamilton Crossing

On Wednesday, the Hamilton Zoning Board approved an expansion of Dunkin' Donuts at the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing.

got the OK on Wednesday night to double its space at the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing.

The Hamilton Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved plans to double the size of the donut and coffee shop in the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing. Earlier this month .

Franchise owner Dinart Serpa said he wants to expand his shop into the space vacated by because the current shop is “very tight space.”

“The customers are shoe-horned in there," he said. "I am embarrassed by it.”

The plans call for the existing Dunkin' Donuts setup – two small tables and a short counter – to expand to 24 seats plus public restrooms. It would expand the coffee shop from about 720 square feet to about 1,515 square feet.

Serpa said he previously owned the franchise 15 years ago when it was larger. But when he sold it, the new owner downsized the shop to its current space. Now he will return the size of the shop to what it was before, he said.

There will be no other changes to the shop, except the shop may be allowed to have a wider sign by the rules governing the shopping center.

Sheila MacDonald, who owned Taylor Made Sweets for three years, planned to sell it earlier this year because she did not have time to run it.

“I just couldn’t do both,” she said.

By the time the shop’s lease was up on May 31, she had new owners lined up. But Lisco Development, the shopping center owner, did not approve the buyers.

“At the end of the day, there will be less stress on the shopping center” to have a larger Dunkin' Donuts rather than two shops in that space, Serpa said.

Serpa and his brother, who own the franchise, must wait about a month to allow the appeal period to pass before they can get a building permit.


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