Light Turnout for Tuesday's Primary Election

Voters in both towns followed larger trends by picking Hudak for Congress on the Republican ticket and Manning for Governor's Council on the Democratic ticket.

Voter turnout in both Hamilton and Wenham was in the low teens for Tuesday's primary election with not many contested races to draw voters to the polls.

Ballots in both towns lacked any local races, with the closest thing to a locally contested race being for Congress and Governor's Council.

In the case of Congress, Republicans Bill Hudak and Rob McCarthy faced each other in the 36 cities and towns of the Sixth Congressional District, which includes both Hamilton and Wenham. Hudak topped McCarthy 174-31 in Wenham and 350-68 in Hamilton.

If Hudak wins across the district he will face incumbent U.S. Rep. John Tierney, a Democrat, in November.

For the Democrats, as local as it got was the race for Governor's Council, where incumbent Mary Ellen Manning faced challenger Jason Panos. Manning bested Panos 76-20 in Wenham and 143-53 in Hamilton. Both towns are part of a district, which includes 38 cities and towns.

Manning, if she prevails across the entire district, would move on to November's general election with no Republican challenger.

It was the first election for Wenham Town Clerk Trudy Reid, who took office in May.  While she's been an election worker for 15 years, it was her first day at the helm of the town's polls.

She said the light turnout made for an uneventful day.

In Hamilton, turnout was 10.6 percent, based on data provided by Town Clerk Jane Wetson.

In Wenham, turnout was about 13 percent based on data provided by Reid.

Other contested races were for statewide offices, including narrowing the Democratic and Republican fields seeking the treasurer seat being vacated by Tim Cahill, who is running for governor. The Democrats also had a contested auditor race, again seeking an open seat where Joseph DeNucci is not seeking reelection.

None of the candidates will take office based on Tuesday's election. It only narrows the field within each party in advance of the Nov. 2 general election. On that day, voting will happen at the same time and at the same place in both towns: 7am-8pm with Wenham voting at the Buker School and Hamilton voting at the Winthrop School.


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