Letter to the Editor: 'Tenacious and Skilled Work' By Hill Led to Melissa's Law

Les Golsule, whose daughter Melissa was killed by a 27-time convicted felon, writes to acknowledge the work by state Rep. Brad Hill, R-Ipswich, to pass Melissa's Bill.

To the Editor:

I cannot thank Rep. Brad Hill enough for all the work he did to make Melissa's Law, the state's new habitual offender law, a reality.

Brad was the first legislator to sponsor Melissa's Bill following the 1999 murder of my daughter, Melissa Gosule, by a 27-time convicted felon. Brad was among the first to stand with me, even when others said the bill had no chance of passing. Indeed, the bill remained locked up in the judiciary committee for 10 years, until 2011.

Yet Brad Hill never gave up. What we lacked in political influence - compared to the powerful criminal defense industry - we had in firm moral conviction and common sense. Brad knew that it was just crazy to keep releasing 5, 20, 50-time violent offenders who just continued to commit crimes over and over again.

Unfortunately, it took the murder of Woburn police officer Jack Maguire in 2010, by a 74-time violent offender, to galvanize public demand to finally pass Melissa's Bill.

Once again, Brad Hill rose to the occasion. As a member of the legislative conference committee, he made many valuable contributions to crafting the final bill, including adding seven sex crimes against children to the final bill which became law.

I doubt Melissa's Bill would now be law without the tenacious and skilled work of Rep. Brad Hill. 

Residents of the Fourth Essex district are fortunate to have Brad Hill as their state representative. And I'm fortunate and proud to call Brad Hill my friend.

Les Gosule


Elaine Appel September 24, 2012 at 12:48 AM
I never cease to be amazed at what the minority in our State House are able to accomplish. The tenacity of Rep. Hill speaks volumes about his dedication and committment to doing the right thing for us all. Thanks for sharing, Les!
Parson Weems September 24, 2012 at 03:39 PM
This article describes some solid constituent service by Rep. Hill, but to Ms. Appel it inspires fulsome praise of the "Amazing 36" who comprise the minority party in the legislature; 4 Sens and 32 Reps. That's 36 out of 160 total legislators. Ms. Appel is Chair of the Hamilton Republican Town Committee. (Perhaps she has a more august political title than that one these days in which case I apologize to her for not including it.). She can say whatever she likes, of course, but since her public political position is essentially head cheerleader for Team Red is there anything else of import to extract from this comment? To be fair, I, for one, do not read her remark as implying that the Republican delegation on Beacon Hill has political clout of any kind solely because of their "dedication and commitment" as that would be non-sense; after all they are only 22.5% of the entire legislature, their amazing-ness notwithstanding. But wait a minute now, quite a bit of public non-sense has recently been emitted by Team Red; here's just a couple fun examples: Senator Brown says he meets daily with Kings and Queens in all kinds of secret sessions, & Willard says he doesn't need to worry about half the country because they're not going to vote for him anyway. Be that as it may, nice job Rep. Hill.


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