Letter to the Editor: School Choice Story Can't be Proven or Disproven

Hamilton resident and former School Committee member Richard Boroff writes to say that an article about school choice in the recent edition of the Hamilton-Wenham Free Press can not be proven or disproven.

To the Editor:

Having just finished reading the May 2012 issue of the on page 5 by Julianna Kallas was fascinating.

"Out of the Blue" Mary's father gets a solicitation call from the to get him to consider sending her to the district as a choice student.

Wow! How did the district get his name? How did the district know he was considering ? Sure as shootin' Pingree didn't tell the district!

What about the rest of the supposed conversation; did this all happen? Did something happen? And when did it happen - recently or 20 years ago?

What might have happened? There are many scenarios, but lets take one.

Mary is talking with a friend who is in the class ahead of her and who has choiced into the district. The friend says what a great school the is and why doesn't Mary apply for choice.

As Julianna Kallas says, neither Mary nor daddy are that hot over Pingree. So they check out the Regional and the rest is history.

Julianna has not given the true identity of Mary and Daddy to protect them. However, if this really happened, at the least it is unethical, and at most, well…. 

Shouldn't Daddy or Julianna speak to someone in a position of authority to ensure that it does not happen again?

Where is reality? Wouldn't Sherlock Holmes, Lt. Columbo and Lt. Joe Leaphorn, all great detectives, say that there are just too many coincidences here.

Andy Sipowicz, the master cynic of all cynics, would be all over this.

Isn't it just like some people to make statements and give examples that just cannot be proven or disproven!

Richard Boroff



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