Keyser: Info About Reversal of Day Without Pay was Slow In Coming

Talk of the Town columnist Leigh Keyser says there's some disappointment with the amount of time it took to find out that the reversal of what was originally a day without pay in the teachers' contract.

Since we live in New England, I don’t think I will say that we have seen the last of the snow until next season.

And in regards to that comment, we hope that the didn’t put out too much sand on the streets. It seems that the day before the last April Fool’s Day snow, the yearly sweeping of the streets was in full swing in the town. And the next day, down comes more snow. Oh well, we lose some, we win some with weather in this part of the country.

In other happenings in the towns, I'm still hearing comments about the . Or maybe, I should say, budget with a plural S. Up to this point, there had been budget figures from the superintendent’s office and one from the school board.

In a related subject to the schools, there appears that what was thought of as a nice gesture from the teachers' union - to not take pay for one shift, so as to help the union contract get the OK by the school board - turns out that the teachers actually collected pay for the shift after all.

that parts of a school meeting that included information about funds being found to pay the teachers for the shift were not part of notes from that school board meeting. Word from the school board was that for some “reason” that information was not given out to the public.

Some of the comments from folks who attend the school board meetings have been that they feel it is hard to feel the school board is working to improve their relationship when situations like the above take place.

I get the impression that the general feeling in both towns is that its business as usual for the school board. It should be interesting to see if any more comes from this event or about why the information was delayed in being given out.

In another matter, which is school related, after many years of locating the town polling sites at the in Wenham and the in Hamilton, a request was made from the school board that the polling places be relocated to other sites in the towns. Without much discussion on why the move was needed, town officials in Wenham have voted to change the polling site to the .

In Hamilton, it appears the new site will be the , which now is the Council on Aging center and a sort of a backup site for various town committees to hold meetings when the is not available.

And a last comment. The dirt road that runs alongside and the tennis courts and ends at the horseshoe pits is actually a trail way for , which has the right of use for their members and their horses. In a town with horses, trail ways are actually some of the roads in our town.


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