Final Details to be Worked out for Patton Housing

A look at the Hamilton Board of Selectmen agenda for Monday, Jan. 27.

The Patton homestead as seen from Asbury Street. Credit: Bobby Gates
The Patton homestead as seen from Asbury Street. Credit: Bobby Gates

Hamilton Board of Selectmen Agenda

Monday, Jan. 27, 7 p.m.

Memorial Room, Hamilton Town Hall


7:02 p.m. Mosquito Control for the Town of Hamilton – Applying for Property Pesticide Exclusion – Deadline March 1 (Statement from the BOH to be read)

• Nomination Papers available at the Town Clerk’s office for Selectman, Town Moderator, Town Clerk, Assessor, Two Planning Board Members for 5-year-term, One Planning Board Member for two years, Hamilton-Wenham Library Trustee for 3-year-term and Library Trustee at-large for one year.

o Historic District Commission (1)

o Planning Board (two alternates)

7:06 p.m. Public Comment (three minutes on topics not already on the agenda)


7:12 p.m. • Change of Manager Request at Indigo Restaurant Corp dba 15 Walnut. Mark McDonough, President is filing a Form 43 with the ABCC for Monica Reynolds Hauenstein to be cited on 15 Walnut’s License 4860015

• Accept Gifts to Patton Park Playground :

o Brick Campaign - $100.00 (one donor)

o Approve Minutes – December 23, 2013- Regular session; Jan. 6, 2014 – Regular session;


– Approve revisions to the Gift Agreement;

– Discussion of the Gift and Restrictions on Alienation of Land

– Finalize RFP for housing development

• Select new liaison to the HWRSD

• Board Goals and Objectives

• Set date for next Board of Selectmen meeting (Feb. 3)


8:50 p.m. Consideration of topics for discussion at future Selectmen’s meetings.


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