Crosswalk Where Boy was Hit Will Continue to Have Guard

A crosswalk on Arbor Street where a boy was hit by a car last summer will continue to have a crossing guard this school year.

A crosswalk on Arbor Street will continued to be staffed by a crossing guard at school opening and closing time.

A boy was struck by a car and injured his leg along that section of Arbor Street last June. Since then, Superintendent Michael Harvey said parents and residents had expressed concern about safety in the area as students head to and from Buker Elementary School, which is around the corner on School Street.

“There was a lot of concern about children crossing at that crosswalk without an adult there,” Harvey said.

There has been a crossing guard at the crosswalk since the second week in September, Harvey said. Just recently, the position became open and the position has been advertised. Harvey said the plan is continue to staff and fund the position.

The decision to place a crossing guard there this year was made after Buker Principal Brian O’Donoghue and Cutler Elementary School Principal Jen Clifford met with Harvey at the start of the school year.

“How do we attack this?” Harvey said they asked themselves.

Clifford said there was a crossing guard near Cutler that was under-utilized.” So that position was moved to Arbor Street.

Harvey said that even though the Wenham Police Department had upped its traffic patrols in the area and launched a driver safety campaign at the start of the school year, it was determined that a crossing guard was needed there.

In July, in response to a question on Patch, at least six local residents identified Arbor Street as an area where people often speed and some even identified the crosswalk where a crossing guard has been added since September.

Michelle Bailey February 05, 2013 at 11:55 AM
Thanks to the Buker mom that stepped in to be the crossing-guard so far this year. We enjoy walking (in the nicer weather) and knowing the cars will stop at the crosswalk now.
Anya Howland February 05, 2013 at 02:09 PM
What about putting one of those flashing lights there that you press when you are going to cross? The child was hit by a car during the summer when school wasn't in session, and there cannot be a crossing guard there 24/7. Arbor Street is incredibly busy and with people commuting to and from work, constantly looking at their cell phones, a light would possibly at least alert them to the fact that somebody is crossing. The cost of a flashing light would easily pay for itself and would function all of the time, rather than just during school hours (when again, the boy was not hit during a time that school was even in session). Also, kids love to push buttons to cross and having a light would encourage them to actually use the crosswalk. Just a thought from a concerned parent in town. We want everybody to be able to cross the street safely whether school is in session or not.
Michelle Bailey February 05, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Have you ever used the pedestrian activated light on 1A in front of the post office? It does not work...just last week I saw a man stop for a pedestrian and when she got beyond his bumper continue on through the crosswalk and red light. There's something about a person holding a big stop sign in the middle of the road that makes people take notice.
Ham/Wen-5-Generations February 06, 2013 at 12:20 AM
part of the issues is that due to the position of the lights to the cross walk a driver cant see the actual light when stopped...even when the light turns green most of the time you have to wait until someone beeps so you know its no longer red. A bigger issue is all the commercial business and the cars being parked on both sides of the street turning 1-A into a virtual one lane road. We will have continuing issues unless we solve that one before too long.


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