Chebacco Road Eroding by Beck Pond; Emergency Repairs Slated Next Week

A portion of Chebacco Road in Hamilton is crumbling into Beck Pond bordering vegetative wetlands.

Approximately 30 feet of Chebacco Road alongside Beck Pond (just across from the entrance) will undergo emergency repairs. Portions of the road have been eroding and crumbling into the water, which is bordered by vegetative wetlands.

Hamilton Director John Tomasz reported an Emergency Order was signed last week by the Town’s Conservation Commission agent, Jim Hankin upon completion of a site visit.

Beck Pond is listed by the Massachusetts DEP (MA DEP) as a “great pond,” which is under the jurisdiction of Chapter 91, The Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act. A great pond is defined as “any pond or lake that contained at one time 10 acres in its natural state,” according to the Mass DEP website.

Chapter 91 partly regulates activities including construction, dredging and filling in of great ponds and navigable streams.

Bartlett Consolidated, LLC in Plymouth, was selected as the contractor to make the repairs necessary to restore the road and prevent further damage to the wetlands.

Tomasz will meet with Bartlett later this week to review the specs on criteria and expects work will begin on Monday, Aug. 15. Tomasz indicated repairs will cost $1,000, which will be paid through the DPW’s operating budget.

Nick August 11, 2011 at 01:52 PM
Had the repairs been done several years ago, when the problem was even then quite apparent the town wouldn't be doing "emergency" repairs; however that is the hallmark of Hamilton - whatever the issue they wait until the 11th+ hour and then are forced into a panicky quick fix. Pathetic. How much more will this now cost us that it is an emergency?


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