Candidates Night Planned for Contested Seats

The League of Women Voters has planned a candidates night for early March for candidates seeking contested local positions.

A candidates night is planned for early March so voters can hear from the local candidates in contested races, including the Board of Selectmen in both Hamilton and Wenham and the School Committee.

The League of Women Voters of Hamilton-Wenham is hosting its annual Candidates Night on Wednesday, March 6 in the Multipurpose Room at Buker Elementary School in Wenham.

In April voters cast their ballots in the election of local officials where three races are contested; the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School Committee and the Board of Selectmen in Hamilton and Wenham. At the Candidate's night, residents running for the these offices will have the opportunity to make a statement and answer questions posed by our moderator, other candidates and audience members.  

Candidates running for non-contested races will also be invited to attend to make a statement and answer questions as time allows.


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