Warning Issued About Skunks

A large population of skunks is being reported in Hamilton and some may be sick.

Hamilton residents are being warned to be on the lookout for sick or aggressive skunks.

The warning came on Monday from Board of Selectman Chairwoman Jennifer Scuteri, who herself has had her dog sprayed by a skunk twice in the past week.

"We are all hearing there are a lot of skunks," she said, adding that Animal Control Officer Steven Kavanaugh is dealing with the problem.

If someone sees a sick skunk, Town Manager Michael Lombardo said they should call Hamilton-Wenham dispatch and ask for the animal control officer.

"If it is just a general skunk problem you are on your own," he said.

MassWildlife, in a skunk advisory it has on its website, recommends residents make sure their garbage is secure and that they feed their pets inside to avoid encounters with skunks. It also recommends that people stay calm if they encounter a skunk.


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