Letter to the Editor: Thank You to the Hamilton Fire Station

A thank you to Hamilton firefighters.

To the Editor:

Each week on Monday and Thursday mornings, parents and children attend ; an open children’s music and play hour at the .

As a mom who enjoys seeing her son experience a variety of childhood thrills, I approached the across the street to see if they would allow us to tour the station for a Meet-and-Greet with the firemen. They were more than agreeable and accommodating. I learned that fire stations greatly enjoy inviting children to visit their stations, climb on trucks and most importantly to teach them not to be afraid of firefighters.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Firemen Ryan Goodwin and Jarod Dolan for welcoming the large group of parents and children this past Thursday morning. It was great fun to see our sons and daughters climbing in and all around the trucks, giving the firefighters high-fives and allowing us to capture such great pictures for our memories.

One of the most outstanding things Firemen Goodwin and Dolan did for us was to show the children how firefighters get dressed in all their heavy gear and to remind them during each step of the elaborate process; boots, hat, gloves, oxygen mask and all….that the firefighter is the same person underneath before he puts each piece of his uniform on. I never fully appreciated the value of teaching young children not to be afraid of a Firefighter dressed in full gear, and specifically how important it is for toddlers and young people to learn they should run toward a firefighter - not away - in the event of an emergency. What a priceless lesson for us all to remember to pass on to our children.

Thank you Chief Phillip Stevens for graciously allowing us to invite ourselves into your station. A very special thank you from myself and all of the families to Fireman Ryan Goodwin and Fireman Jarod Dolan for all of your time, hospitality and patience with us, and our children.

Lisa V LaPlante


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