Boy Suffers Minor Injuries After Bicycle Crash

A boy on a bicycle and a vehicle collided on Tuesday afternoon in Hamilton, leaving the bicycle rider with non-life-threatening injuries.

An 8-year old boy who collided with a vehicle while riding his bike on Tuesday afternoon in Hamilton suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The crash happened on Asbury Street at the intersection with Porter Lane near Christ Church at 3:09 p.m., according to Hamilton Police Officer Joe Achadinha.

Rescue crews took “full C-spine precautions,” he said, and the boy was taken by Lyons ambulance to Beverly Hospital.

His mom came to the scene and was able to ride with him to the hospital, said Hamilton firefighter Ryan Goodwin.

The boy had a bump on his head and remained conscious as he was being treated, Goodwin said.

“He hit his head,” Goodwin said.

The vehicle driver was not injured.

The police report was not complete on Tuesday afternoon but there was no indication that any charges would be filed or any tickets would be issued.

Goodwin said the road was wet at the time of the crash and it appeared as it the woman who was driving the vehicle and the boy on the bicycle did not see each other and it was simply an accident.


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