Where's the Harm in Forming a Search Committee

To the Editor:
      It seems the Wenham Selectmen do not intend to keep their promise to appoint a search committee for a Town Administrator, but instead will give Mark Andrews a 3-year contract at their meeting on April 1.  What a fitting date for that decision!
     Two years ago with just a month until the town meeting, the then selectmen, Molly Martins, Patrick Wilson and John Clemenzi, appointed Mr. Andrews as the Interim Town Administrator after interviewing a few candidates willing to accept our 4-month temporary position and performing only a cursory reference check  befitting this appointment.
         The selectmen then and  several times last year promised the town citizens they would conduct a search for a Town Administrator that included the community in a search committee and would make appropriate  comprehensive reference checks. The process of soliciting feedback on the needs of the community and involving them in the process of selecting a Town Administrator is a best practice for town government.   Our neighboring communities of Ipswich, Manchester and Topsfield conducted successful searches for top town leadership in this manner during the past two years.  It is also the process the School Committee employed in selecting our current superintendent.  Qualified candidates want to work in our community.
       It appears the selectmen will turn away from their promise and established best practices.  Instead they will appoint Mr. Andrews without any input from Wenham residents.  I, for one, am disappointed.    

Michelle Bailey
Remington Road
Trudy April 01, 2014 at 08:41 PM
Apparently the majority of the board has their own agenda and they don't take the opinions of the voters into consideration.


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