Vote for New Revenue, a Reduced Tax Rate and the Funding of our Turf Field this Saturday at Hamilton's Town Meeting

Come to Hamilton Town Meeting this Saturday and cast your vote in support of new revenue, a reduced tax rate and the funding for our Turf Field.

 One Article on the Warrant is the vote to approve the sale of 4 acres of the Patton property for $1.156M.  C.P. Berry is the selected bidder and would like to build twelve, 55-plus condo units, which will generate $148,000, annually, of new revenue. The $1.156M proceeds will be split with 25% (or $289,000) going into an Escrow Fund to maintain the Homestead.  The remaining $867,000 goes to the Town (yes, the Town) and will be held in a stabilization fund.  The Town voters will decide the use of those funds and the sports groups have requested that a significant portion of those funds go to a new turf field at the High School, as the Rec Board gave up their much-needed field locations on the Patton property to locate the housing.  Joanne Patton has provided a letter supporting the sale. 

The remaining 20 acres will remain open space for walking trails, canoe and kayak access and a River Walk overlooking Audubon

One selectman is against the sale. 

Come to Town Meeting on Saturday, April 5th and cast your vote in support.  The vote should occur around 10:00AM.  It requires a 2/3 vote to pass, so every vote is important.

Scott Maddern April 04, 2014 at 08:32 AM
Representatives of over 1000 families active in sports spoke at the Board of Selectmen meeting, asking for the proceeds to be used for a turf field, one of the top Joint Rec Master Plan projects.


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