Transport Yourself to Spring Now

This week's "Great Escape" column sends you to the warm, comfort, sweet smells and colors of a local flower shop.

Your kids are out of the house, maybe the grandparents volunteered to take the younger children to a movie Sunday afternoon or the tweens are taking tap on Wednesday evening.  It’s your time. Take it.

Each week, we’ll tell you about one great idea to give you a much-deserved break.

Everyone is thinking about and talking about spring. The snow is finally melting but it most days still have a wintry feel.

Why not speed up spring’s arrival and take yourself there right now, minus the rain and wind. It’s at on Bay Road.

“Stop and smell the rose” for a while. Maybe you’ll go home with some flowers, maybe not. But you can transport yourself away to sweet smells and comfort for a time.


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