'Then and Now' Downtown Building Burned in the 30s

Here's the answer to the most recent "Then and Now" historical photo, which was taken in downtown Hamilton nearly 120 years ago.

The latest  historical photo feature shows the Smith Block on Railroad Avenue in Hamilton on April 5, 1892.

Both the “old” photo and the “new” photo are attached to this story.

The building burned in 1934. We were also told that it suffeered a less destrictiuve fire in the 1920s.

The building today is home to and , plus a . Next door, the building that is currently is home to , looks much the same today than it did 120 years ago.

There's a new historical photo posted every Tuesday. Check the site next Tuesday for the latest one.

Special thanks to  and the Hamilton Historical Society and the  for providing the photos we use for this feature.

Plus, if you have a picture that was taken somewhere it Hamilton and Wenham more than 50 years ago that you want to submit for use in Then and Now, e-mail it to  at hamilton-wenham@patch.com or contact him to arrange pickup so that it can be electronically scanned for use on the website.


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