The New Pool at Patton Park

The present pool at Patton Park is more than 50 years old. Today, building codes and health department requirements have changed. Attempts to shore up the present pool will be nearly as expensive because it will require bringing the old pool and facilities up to code.

The design for the new pool is compliant in all aspects, including ADA. It is the same length, 75 feet, standard public pool length. The present pool is 6 lanes wide, however, they are substandard width. The new pool will have 6 lanes of the proper width. The new pool will have skimmers and drains that meet present code, the present pool does not. Repairing the leaking pipes, adding required drains and skimmers to the present pool will require digging up most of it.

The additions to the new pool are a learn-to-swim area and a kiddie pool. The learn-to-swim area will make the pool more adaptable to multiple uses. The kiddie pool will keep children in diapers out of the main pool.

As for bather load, 50 years ago it was pretty much an arbitrary number. Today is is dictated by the pool size. A new bather load would be determined on the repaired pool and it would not be much smaller than the bather load on the new pool. Bather load determines the number of toilets and showers. Changing facilities would still have to be brought up to code if the old pool was repaired. 

There will be improvements at the pool location that will benefit more than the users of the pool. Paved parking, with more spaces and handicapped spaces, in an organized, controlled access, safer lot will be beneficial for all people using Patton Park all year. There will also be bathroom facilities available for about 9 months of the year.

Mary Buntin

Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Board

Maple St, Wenham

Jay Burnham March 04, 2014 at 07:11 AM
Mary, your article gives rise to many questions….Is this plan now preordained ("The New Pool At Patton Park")? Isn't the bather load for the current pool 129?…versus 345 for the proposed pool plan? Doesn't the pool plan shown encroach on land not owned by the Town? Is the pool size being driven by projected programming, instead of the other way around? Have decision-making Town boards been asked to provide counsel (Planning Board, Conservation Commission, etc.)? Is there enough time to resolve all the important issues before the Annual Town Meeting?
Michelle Bailey March 04, 2014 at 07:49 AM
Thanks Mary for keeping us all informed on the activities and decision being made by the Joint Recreation Board. We appreciate all your time and effort on the Board. I am looking forward to seeing a new pool at Patton Park, soon.
Thinking Out Loud March 05, 2014 at 08:02 AM
UPDATE: Last night (3/4), at the Hamilton Planning Board meeting, the representative from Weston & Sampson presented a totally new plan showing the proposed septic field now located under the proposed parking area of 33 cars instead of on the neighboring Myopia Schooling Field land. EiE will post the new plan as soon as we receive a copy.


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