Stinson Endorses Shawn Farrell for Hamilton Selectman

Shawn Farrell is running for Board of Selectmen in Hamilton. The election is Tuesday, April 10th.
Shawn Farrell is running for Board of Selectmen in Hamilton. The election is Tuesday, April 10th.

I am excited to endorse and support Shawn Farrell in his bid for Selectman in the Town of Hamilton. As a former Selectman, I am acutely aware of the need for practical and effective leadership on the Board of Selectmen. Too often, elected officials become so consumed with serving themselves that they forget they serve the broader good of our wonderful community. Shawn gets that and he is ready to serve us.

When I was first elected, a deep divide existed within our community. A battle between “haves” and “have nots” threatened to tear our great town apart at the seams. Through tireless efforts to understand both sides and dig deep within the town and school budgets, I am proud to say that we were able to repair the seams of our fragile town and make the bonds that tie us together as a community even stronger than they were before our tumultuous time. It was a great accomplishment and many people made it happen. There was an important component to this success: the ability to listen. By listening to each other’s points and concerns, solutions were identified and problems were solved.

By listening to groups like “Enough Is Enough” and other community organizations, elected officials who once put up walls to protect their surroundings were able let their guard down and find truth in what they were being told. This ignited a chapter of honesty, transparency, and cooperation that transcends petty differences and champions positive change for our town.

I want this spirit of cooperation and transparency to continue. It can only benefit our community and our wallets to have trustworthy and effective leaders involved in our town government. Shawn Farrell is uniquely qualified to serve in this role because he is willing to do what it takes to keep our community strong: listen.


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