Re-Elect Jeff Hubbard Selectman

Re-Elect Jeff Hubbard
Re-Elect Jeff Hubbard

April 3, 2014, by Susan Welch, Hamilton

To all Hamilton voters –

After watching the recent candidates’ debate on our local Ch. 8, I have to once again strongly urge everyone to support Jeff Hubbard’s re-election. 

Over the past two years whenever I called each selectman over various concerns I was disappointed by everyone’s response except Jeff’s.  Of the three times that I left voicemails for all the selectmen hoping they’d return my call and engage in a dialogue, Jeff was the only one who returned my call each time.  Jenn Scuteri returned my call once, but Mr. Johnson and Mr. Maddern never did. 

If a citizen is not in complete accord with them…. they do not want to hear from you.  By their silence they actually spoke volumes to me, in effect:  “if you’re not agreeing with us, we don’t want to hear it”.

However, Jeff told me more than once that he wants to hear from every one, when they agree with him, and just as importantly, when they don’t.  And you know what?  Our conversations have proved that to be true. 

If you’ve seen the BOS meetings, he has done nothing but try to work with the others, to have polite discourse, to listen to all sides of the citizenry.  Sadly, it seems with the appearance of Shawn Farrell, it appears they want to “stack the deck” and shut out other voices, thereby ensuring we will get more of the same.

The current BOS seems to be operating under the umbrella that if you don’t agree 100% with them then you are contentious and uncooperative and you are dismissed. 

Jeff’s main way of operating is that he only requests the BOS to be thoughtful of all the possible ramifications of their actions on our behalf – to carry out our wishes and consider what the taxpayers can bear. 

Think about this: Do you agree with your spouse all of the time?  Or with your friends?  Or, your co-workers?  Probably not.  But when you differ, do they dismiss your views?  Condescend to you?  Label you as contentious?  I hope not.  But that is what the BOS is doing here and it needs to stop.

Our country was founded on a principle of listening to all voices.  Please restore my faith that Hamilton people want a BOS that does not function like a high school clique, but is inclusive of all its citizens.  Please restore my faith in the common sensibility of Hamilton people, that you want all voices to be heard and respected. 

I have faith in people, I have faith that Hubbard’s intentions are true – please re-elect Jeff Hubbard.  Thank you for listening to me and please support Hubbard who is trying to get your voice heard.

Sue Welch


marcj April 05, 2014 at 12:11 AM
For the record, Ms. Welch called and left messages for us on July 17, 2012 about town counsel and CPA and I called her back on the 18th. On February 2, 2012 Ms. Welch called about cable access tv questions relative to uneven Comcast bills and we put her in touch with Jane Lyman, our Comcast community relations manager and also ZBA member since it was such a specific question about her specific bills. Jane Lyman also responded with a vast amount of detail about rates, which the town manager's office then relayed to Ms. Welch. I spoke to Ms. Welch on December 21, 2011 in response to her call earlier that day about Jeff Stinson. I also spoke with her at two other times about her perceptions that we were treating Mr. Hubbard unfairly. Her claim that I never returned her calls are untrue.
ann minois April 05, 2014 at 07:47 PM
This is pathetic. Just saying.
Scott Maddern April 09, 2014 at 07:55 AM
I'm sorry you feel that way Ms. Welch. I do recall returning your call and have had no such complaints from any other voter. And I can't recall any decision of the BoS that Mr Hubbard did not have ample, and generally more time to speak that other selectmen - if anything, decisions have been revisited several times because of Mr. Hubbard's input .


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