Submitted by: Angela W. Getchell

If Shawn Farrell really stands for what he claims in his position statement—fiscal responsibility, transparency, consensus, the environment, open space preservation, community --  why is he running against Jeff Hubbard, who has fought hard for these causes for the last three years?

I wish we could take Mr. Farrell at his word, but because he is supported by the selectmen who so publicly and crudely denounce Jeff Hubbard, it is hard to believe he is not under their influence and control. Their appearance with him  before the Council on Aging and the League of Women Voters last week left little doubt about it.

The Farrell candidacy is a clumsy attempt to stifle opposition.  We don’t want an echo chamber BOS. We need more people like Jeff Hubbard, who has the courage and integrity to speak out against the extravagant schemes of those who don’t understand Hamilton and who, if unrestrained, would turn the town into just another suburb.

Please think before you vote on Thursday.

Thank you,

Angela W. Getchell

ann minois April 10, 2014 at 11:52 AM
Richard, the HWRSD Master Plan is nearing completion. It was undertaken to address the future of learning and teaching needs. Stay tuned, and consider attending a community meeting on it. Dr. Harvey will announce the date and time soon at an SC meeting.
Karyn Holappa April 11, 2014 at 08:45 AM
Thanks Margo for you very informative comments above. Happy to hear the town is now inspecting these 61A properties, it's about time. I'm sure the inspectors will become more informed with the state law and farming. We need to make sure the ones in Hamilton are all "legit."


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