Police Chief: School Starts Up Soon, Be Extra Cautious

A back-to-school letter from Interim Wenham Police Chief Thomas Perkins.

To the Editor:

As “Back to School” rapidly approaches, the would like to remind motorists to be extra cautious on the roadways as summer winds down.

As a patrols have been directed to be highly visible in areas surrounding local schools and will be strictly enforcing violations in an effort to protect young children on foot and bicycles heading to and from school.

Parents of young children can play an important role as well. You can help reinforce the importance of when walking; always use crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing. Remind them that when biking, to always walk their bikes across the crosswalks, and to always wear a helmet. Children involved in the have had the benefit of an officer speaking to such issues at the beginning of the program each year.

The Police Department has already spoken with school officials about such talks extending to the schools and it appears this will happen within the first few weeks. I would like to thank our police officers for their efforts thus far and Director Bill Tyack and his staff for getting the new signage in place as quickly as they did. 

Additionally, I would like to thank town officials for their support of the program which was initiated by Town Administrator Mark Andrews. The goal, and hopefully the results of such combined efforts, will be both a fun and safe school year for all involved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Interim Wenham Police Chief Thomas C. Perkins


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