Patton Park Pool UPDATE

Update, June 3, 2014……The Hamilton Board of Selectmen met last night and the pool was a major topic of discussion. Members unanimously agreed, as Selectmen David Neil had suggested last year, that Wenham needs to be an active participant in the discussions and decision making and final design, building and cost considerations.

Notable quotes from the meeting:

Scott Madern: "Going it alone is not practical for us."

Jennifer Scuteri: "I think it's important that we be working with a Wenham Board of Selectmen…that is, in the majority, supportive of it."

Marc Johnson: Financially, I don't think the 'going it alone' works."

Jeff Hubbard: "The next step is to engage across the board with the Selectmen in Wenham."

David Neil: "As you may recall, I have been saying this right along…We should be meeting with the Wenham BoS.  That's the way to go, not go it alone."

John McWane (Finance Chairman): "Having Wenham a partner in this is critical.  The downside is that we probably go two summers without a pool."


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