Our Town

Thorton Wilder, in the 1930s, wrote a play "Our Town."
   In it, characters portray various aspects of daily life in a small town ... these were not what could be considered major events, but just how people were living together as neighbors. The characters portrayed were as much of the story as were the events portrayed.
   In line with the flavor of this play, I'd like to describe a few recent scenes of our town ...
   Saturday morning, is was drizzling, four young high school girls came by to offer their help in cleaning up our yard and doing other things to help us .. it's called Seniors Helping Seniors. They were cheerful, good workers. Not at all surprising for the young people of our town.
   A couple of weeks ago, following the Annual Town Meeting, two seniors upon leaving the school where the meeting was held, fell. Quick to their aid was a member of Hamilton's police department. He knew exactly what to do in this emergency. Not at all surprising for the police of our town. 
   A few days ago, a group of seniors went on a bus ride that took them to the Great Wenham Swamp, where they went on a walking tour of this area. Handled by the Council On Aging, it was very well carried out. Not at all surprising for the town's Council on Aging.
   So, you see, there are good things going on in our town.
   All is not gloom and pessimism. There is more sunshine than cloudiness. 
Jack Hauck :-))))) 


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