Moms: What is the First Day of School Like At Your House?

This week's Moms Talk Q & A asks mothers about the first day of school in their family.

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Question: The first day of school is only a week away. Tell us about the first day of school at your house.

What are your families’ must-do things to do for the first day of school? Which ones do you always forget?

What makes the first day of school different than every other day of the school year for you and your kids? What is it special? What makes you glad when the “second day of school” has arrived?

When the kids were younger, I always had to have a picture of them waiting for the school bus. Then, after they got onto the bus, I'd drive to their school to wait for them to arrive, and take more pictures of them talking with their classmates.

Now that they are older, and go to different schools, the first day isn't as exciting as it used to be. But it's fun to be home when they arrive home, to hear how the "first" day went and to see their schedule.


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