Moms: Tell Us About Your Family-Friendly Pets

This week's Moms Talk Q & A talks with local mothers about whether they have a kid-friendly pet in their home and hears about how their family takes care of their pet.

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Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read this week's question. Below is how local mothers answered, but we want to hear from you. Leave a comment in the comment box below and share your thoughts.

Question: Do you have any pets? Why or why not?
If you have pet(s), are they child/kid-friendly? Why or why not?
If you have pets, what role do you kids have it taking of the pet(s)?
Whether you have a pet or not, have your kids ever asked you to get a
pet? If so, how did you react? Why?

We do have a dog. Pearl is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She's almost four-years-old, and we've had her since she was two-months-old. She's about 14 pounds and very well behaved for our family.

If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would have said you couldn't pay me to have a dog, but now I don't know what I'd do without her. We originally got her when our daughter at the time, age 8, started asking for a dog. We did our research. My husband and I both agreed we wanted a small dog, non-shedding (yes, they can be found - Pearl has hair instead of fur) and hypoallergenic. Pearl can be child-friendly with our kids’ friends once she gets to know someone, but she is very friendly with our own kids.

My two kids will help with her when asked. Since both kids are old enough to stay with my mother-in-law, who lives with us, when we travel overnight, they do take excellent care of her. Pearl is also great companionship to my mother-in-law, since the two of them spend most of the day together during the school year. For anyone considering getting a dog, please do your research and make sure your family is ready for such a pet. And please make sure you don't buy from a puppy mill.

We have a dog who is seven years old now and totally a part of our family.  I am an at home mom and have the time to be with the dog most of the time.

When we first brought Ginger home, life was a bit hectic. The children were young, so having a puppy added another "child" to the mix.  I took care of her solely.

Today, my children are older and play a big part in her care. They can walk her, feed her and brush her. The children grew up walking our dog with me or helping me feed her.

We did get a hamster for a week, and a fish. Of course, the care fell into my lap. My daughter would try to help, but primarily she was too young to have the responsibility.

It is an ongoing question for us - to get another pet or not. I have said no to this.  As the children are getting older, they are not at home as much. I will be working more as the children need me less.  We love animals, but don't feel the need to have them all in our home. :)

My kids ask for a dog all the time. Even though my husband and I both grew-up with pets, our house is pet-free.  (There were some fish and elderly cat here at one time). Having a pet requires planning for its care. We go out of town to visit family or vacations, it's too much of a hassle.  Plus, I don't see my kids willing to clean-up or walk the dog either.

Jennifer Flynn August 17, 2011 at 10:00 PM
We have chickens and we love it!!! It helps teach the kids where their food really comes from. I think our society is greatly removed from this. Many don't even realize much of our foods are made in a lab... the kids get the eggs...but I clean the coop...


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