Moms: Do You Limit Your Children's TV Time?

In this week's Mom's Talk Q & A, we talk with local mothers about whether they limit the amount of time their children spend in front of the television or what they watch.

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Question: A study in the journal Pediatrics released this week said that 3-to-5-year-olds who watch violent or scary television or who watch more TV in the evening hours are more likely to have sleep problems

Do you limit the amount of TV your children watch? Do you limit the types of television shows they watch? If so, why? And how?

If your children are too old for limitation on TV now, did you have limit when they were younger? What were they?

My kids are 13 and 17 and even now, with the 13-year-old, I still set limitations. Maybe not so much on how much TV they watch, but the content of the shows. Kids grow up too fast these days, and there's only so much a parent can do. By getting them involved in the process of choosing age appropriate shows, and how much TV they can watch, hopefully it will make the situation easier.

I definitely limited what my children watched and how long they did any "screen" daily. This continues as they are 11 and 13. I must say that the limitations are harder to put in place as they are getting older, but they understand what our family values are and what is allowed for viewing.

I do not allow any screen during the school week unless it is homework related.

Jennifer Flynn June 29, 2011 at 05:44 PM
TV is very rarely watched in our house. In fact, we are ditching cable VERY soon (as soon as our contract is up) But we DO have "screen" time issues. Screen is computer and ipad. I let the kids have one hour a day during the summer. When they are doing educational games I am more lenient.


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