Getting to Know Wenham's 'Music Man'

Have you heard this Wenham man singing?

Name: Brian Doser

Street: Cedar Street, Wenham

Family: wife, Kym, three boys and a girl

Occupation: Anything music!

Hobbies/interests: Music, bike riding and anything with my kids.

What are you passionate about? Definitely music and music education. I love seeing all the little faces light up every week at the shows.

Best book: "The Book Thief" is the best one I've read in years. It took what seemed like familiar territory and put a beautiful, but sad twist on it.

Best movie: I never tire of watching "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray is genius. Then of course there's "Lost in Translation."

Dream vacation: On a cruise with the Beatles in 1968.

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? 10 years

Why did you chose Hamilton-Wenham? We loved the small town atmosphere. We also have relatives that are life-long residents.

What is your favorite place in Hamilton-Wenham? in the summer with the kids.

What is your favorite shop? Hmmmmm.... the on a Monday or Tuesday night.

What is an a fact about you that most don’t know? I actually play music for adults as well as children.

Do you have an usual or funny story having to do with Hamilton-Wenham? There are many, but I love telling people who have not come to see me perform before to look for the park with the "tank" in it. No matter how many times I explain, they always show up saying "oh, you mean a real tank, not a water tank!"

Where would someone see you around town? Every Monday and Thursday morning at the Community House singing for the Pre-K crowd and one Saturday morning a month singing with "My Daddy Rocks!"

Which local services and programs do you support? I love the Community House and what they do for us locally. We are so lucky to have that resource. Our and town sponsored sports programs are also excellent, and with four children, we will be active participants for many years to come.


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