Meet a Hamilton Selectman Who Hopes to Travel to an Italian Motorcycle Race

This week's "Meet Your Neighbor" is Dave Carey, a Hamilton selectman who hopes to one day travel to Italy to see a Formula 1 motorcycle race.

Name: Dave Carey

Street: Arabian Way, Hamilton

Family: Wife, Elaine (2000-2006 Hamilton-Wenham Regional School Committee, Hamilton-Wenham League of Woman Voters Board member 1998-present, attorney). Kids: Alecia graduated Providence College in 2009 and is now doing government relations for ABCD (Boston’s anti-poverty agency); John and Patrick are both currently attending Northeastern University)

Occupation: I develop programs to finance energy efficiency.

Hobbies/interests: Fixing and organizing, anything that needs it

What are you passionate about? Family and friends

Best book: "Gravity’s Rainbow," by Thomas Pynchon

Best movie: "Lawrence of Arabia"

Dream vacation: Attend a Formula 1 motorcycle race in Italy

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? 14 plus years

How come you chose Hamilton-Wenham? One of the best lifestyle locations on the North Shore (which is the one of the best locations in the U.S.)

What is your favorite place in Hamilton-Wenham? The Historic District: church, cemetery and homes.

What is your favorite shop?

What is a fact about you that most don’t know? I was an art major in college.

Where would someone see you around town? or .

Which local services and programs do you support? Board of Selectman, Hamilton-Wenham Rotary, Hamilton-Wenham Green and Affordable Housing Committee.


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