Me thinks something is rotten in Hamilton

No, I am not Marcellus, but like him I am offended by the many disturbing and foul smelling events in our town, and by the Board of Selectmen's mismanagement of the body politic.

Boards and committees are packed with those of a like mind. Dissent is proclaimed as not being a team player. Highly qualified people seeking committee appointment are shunned, even though coming to the BoS with a committee's recommendation. Last night's BoS performance was foul, most foul.

New positions are created and slyly tucked away out of plain sight, by those claiming open and transparent government.

Our small town pays what a large city might pay for its government.

But ah, no more will I speak, for you likely think of me as idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing of importance.

Jack Hauck 


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