Letter to the Editor: Realities About The School Budget

Letter writer George LaMontagne of Hamilton outlines some of his realities of the school budget.

To the Editor:

The following realities were found by the new school administration. Let's look at the realities:

  • Reality is that they found the kindergarten fund with $300,000.
  • Reality is they found in the school choice fund an extra $70,000.
  • Reality is they found in the Medicaid fund an extra $121,000.
  • Reality is they gave back to the bargained for employees $110,000.
  • Reality is the state will not cut Chapter 70 or transportation $120,000.
  • Reality is for FY12 they are spending $1 million more than FY11 with no contributions from the towns.
  • Reality is they have $350,000 for expenses for unemployment and there have been no layoffs.
  • Reality is there is a Latin teacher salary but no Latin teacher in the budget for approximately $65,000.
  • Reality is the School Committee violated the Open Meeting Laws on six different Finance Working Group budget meetings, which included an executive session.
  • Reality is that the total of all realities is $2,136,000.
  • Reality is the School Committee is not implementing any Operational Audit savings recommendations.
  • Reality is that the Selectmen and the FinComs from both towns voted unanimously except for one abstain vote to withhold the $500,000.
  • Reality is that trust is earned, not given.


The Taxpayers

Please attend Wenham Town Meeting on May 7 at 1 p.m. and Hamilton Town Meeting on May 14 at 9 a.m. Your vote is needed on the town meeting floor to support the Selectmen and Finance Committee's on their budget proposal of $500,000 less than the HWRSD’s budget. You must be present at town meeting to vote on the budget.

George LaMontagne

Appaloosa Lane



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