Letter to the Editor: Police Union Makes Case for Four New Cruisers

Wenham Police Benevolent Association President Sgt. Jon Gray makes the case for why Wenham voters should support four new police cruisers at Town Meeting on Saturday.

To the editor:

This is an open letter to the citizens of Wenham from the Wenham Police Benevolent Association. We have a critical issue that requires the immediate attention of voters this Saturday at Town Meeting.

Your is requesting the replacement of four police cruisers. Our newest marked police cruiser already has 67,000 miles. It is not our preference to be asking for four cruisers at once, however for the past several years our equipment needs have been denied due to financial constraints placed on the department, despite the best efforts of the Chief of Police to secure this funding.

We have a cruiser replacement schedule that was not followed in order to save money. During this time other town departments have added to their vehicle fleets. We now find ourselves in dire straits with the depletion of an effective cruiser fleet.

We routinely have to jump start cruisers to get them running to start patrol. We have had cruisers towed away from scenes. We have sent four officers to the hospital to be checked after exposure to hydrogen cyanide gas from an overcharging battery. The department has been .

We need to have cruisers available to rapidly expand patrol when emergencies arise. Officers routinely use their personal vehicles for training and court due to lack of vehicles. While in a pursuit of a suspect vehicle a radiator hose burst causing the officer to be completely blinded by steam and antifreeze on the windshield while the suspect fled and later crashed.

It is vital to acquire new police cars to provide efficient police service to the community. We have had an incident where an officer was requesting back up with a stolen motor vehicle suspect. The back-up officer had to jump start a cruiser that was out of service for safety reasons to assist him. As Police Officers, we are routinely in harm’s way to protect the public and we willingly accept that risk. However, we are not willing to tolerate unnecessary risk due to faulty, unsafe vehicles. This is the reason why we are respectfully requesting your assistance and support in this matter.

We are asking for your support at the on May 5. We ask that you please consider supporting our request for cruisers at this critical juncture.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. Jon Gray, President

Wenham Police Benevolent Association

Gavan July 06, 2012 at 09:05 PM
The Real fact is 250 Tractor trailers or so called sixty footers come in to the Country each week. What are they full of? Well, Heroine and Mary Jane and a few Drug things,,, Remember Each week.. I told this to a DEA officer he choked and knows this... 20% come to the Northeast,, Full of drugs each week. They won't catch them if they had a bicycle.. Why not arrest the drug lords at the shipping terminals and take a train to Boston do it? Who needs a Patrol car on drugs? It comes it on sixty footers and Ships every day.. But they can't catch them with a new patrol car... Oh god never..
chris a July 07, 2012 at 12:59 AM
wow those are some pretty rude commens being posted here quite the language i'm surprised they havn,t been removed.just saying someone sounds kind of angry about something .maybe you should get some help
Anne Sweeney July 22, 2012 at 06:35 AM
Chris a, The senate and the congress have just passed a new law making it a Felony to speak out about our government. Don't worry, the police will be at your door soon and keep you quiet. The only help people need is that they need to speak out and up against a government which no longer respects it's citizens. You are not people Chris a you are a Sheeple. President Reagan speaks on Obama, http://youtu.be/P3hY1eagq88
Anne Sweeney July 22, 2012 at 06:38 AM
Idiots who voted for Obama, http://youtu.be/e_JJLLfTR8I
Anne Sweeney July 22, 2012 at 06:41 AM
A soldier speaks out at the new law making it a Felony to speak out, protest or express your freedom of speech ? http://youtu.be/4te0C4NT2H0


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