Letter to the Editor: Lawrence Would Bring Collaboration and Innovation to School Committee

Grace Belfiore of Hamilton writes in support of Barbara Lawrence on the School Committee.

To the Editor:

Hamilton voters have the opportunity (on Thursday) to elect three new School Committee members. I urge voters to support .

Uniquely among the candidates, Barbara combines expertise in education (as a former teacher and a consultant who analyzes successful strategies for providing high quality schools in sustainable ways) and extensive experience in a range of other community service (on the Capital Management Committee, League of Women Voters, and as the ) that provides her with community connections and perspectives that should prove equally as valuable on the School Committee.

Beyond her background, there are two specific reasons that I will be voting for Barbara. First, we need to rebuild trust within our towns, and I believe Barbara will be instrumental in creating better processes for the school district, School Committee, citizens, town officials and community organizations to work collaboratively to support and improve education.

Second, the pace of change in how education is delivered is about to rev up significantly – meaning that Hamilton-Wenham can use this opportunity to provide engaging, forward-looking learning more sustainably, or get left behind. I think Barbara has the right combination of innovative thinking and attention to practical and resource issues to help us navigate that opportunity for the benefit of students and the towns.

Please consider joining me in voting for Barbara Lawrence for School Committee (on Thursday).


Grace Belfiore



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