Letter to the Editor: Food Banks in Need of Assistance on Constant Basis

State Rep. Brad Hill, R-Ipswich, who represents Hamilton and Wenham, writes about a food drive he is organizing later this month.

To the Editor:

Most of us are able to take for granted that there will be food in our refrigerators or dinner on the table when we come home from work. We do not think of hunger as a problem that runs rampant through our community, but it does and there are people and families all around us that do not take for granted their next meal.

Currently, in the North Shore community, one in six people collect some type of food assistance and one in nine families seek services from one of the local food banks.  While during the Holiday season it seems we are likely to give, hunger is a problem that affects the community year round. Food banks are in need of our assistance on a constant basis, just as we all need to eat regularly.

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