Keyser: Sidewalk Plow to Widen Streets is a Good Idea

Talk of the Towns columnist Leigh Keyser suggests that the idea of using sidewalk plows to widen streets makes sense, plus other local musings.

I will not start the column by saying it snowed again last night, even though it really did add another inch of white stuff in the towns on Wednesday night. The word going around the towns, is that folks hope that the follows the lead of , in which they are ignoring the sidewalks, but instead are using the sidewalk snow blower unit to widen some the streets in the town.

A prime example is Howard Street, which starts in Wenham and is now back to a normal street width due to the snow blower, but as this crosses the town line into Hamilton, the snow bankings are once again narrow almost to a single car width, as this section of street was just plowed with truck plow blades.

In other areas of snow problems, the school system in both towns was and workers are removing tons of snow on the flat roofs of the schools, before this extra weight causes them to collapse.

Also, discussions are going on with school officials on . One plan was to do away with the regular spring vacation time off, while another was to have schools sessions on Saturdays for a month. No final word has been listed on this situation.

Another item being considered is that the Enough is Enough group has requested the board of selectmen appoint a committee to check into the  response from the school committee on how they will do the recommendations listed on the . The board of directors from EiE group want to have at least one of their members appointed to this committee, since their group was behind having this survey done. This group felt that with a committee overseeing the recommendations and the school’s board response it would ensure a school system operating in a more efficient manner.

The big word here in both towns is that companies that operate snow removal equipment that use a front end scoop or front loader are in big demand. Since regular plow blades on trucks can not go high enough to reach over the high bankings, the front end scoops can swing right to the top of the huge piles.

That’s it for this week, and the last comment is this - I understand a failure, but do not understand at least trying.


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